Disaster Planning

The Ohio Pharmacists Association’s Pharmacist Preparedness Task Force has provided the following information and resources for pharmacists interested in disaster planning in Ohio. You can volunteer to serve on OPA’s Pharmacist Preparedness Task Force by clicking the button below. The Pharmacist Preparedness Task Force reviews disaster (natural and man-made) planning issues to be implemented in declared public health emergencies, to inform pharmacists and to encourage volunteer involvement.

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The assistance of hundreds of pharmacy professionals and pharmacies could be needed in Ohio in the event of a declared emergency such as a natural disaster, act of bioterrorism, or an infectious disease outbreak. Depending on the event, pharmacy professionals could be called upon to dispense medications and medical supplies, administer immunizations, triage victims, etc.

How to Volunteer

Emergency preparedness begins in local communities, and because pharmacies and pharmacy professionals are a valuable resource for reaching the public with important health measures, OPA is calling upon you to volunteer for emergency preparedness/disaster planning in your community. If you are a pharmacist, pharmacy intern, or pharmacy technician, please consider signing up to volunteer at the Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry in the button below. The Ohio Responds Volunteer Registry is a volunteer opportunity site shared by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency (Ohio EMA) and the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). ODH coordinates the Ohio Medical Reserve Corps (OMRC).

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Partner with Your Local Health Department

The local health department is not only a valuable resource for emergency preparedness information, but also for information about health issues affecting your county. Pharmacy professionals are a valuable resource in local health department emergency planning and for reaching the public with timely and important health information. By clicking the button below and entering your home address, you will be able to locate information regarding your local health department and the contact information.

Partner with Your Local Health Department

Should I be concerned about liability?

The Federal Volunteer Protection Act provides immunity from (no liability for) negligence if you volunteer for a nonprofit organization or governmental entity. You must act within the scope of your responsibilities in the organization. You must be properly licensed, certified, or authorized to act. Protection is not limited to emergencies. You are not protected if the harm occurred through your operation of a motorized vehicle. You are not protected for reckless misconduct or gross negligence.

The Ohio Revised Code also defines protections for registered volunteers during an emergency declared by the state or political subdivision in disaster-related exercises, testing or other training activities. These protections declare a person not liable for injury, death or loss to a person or property that may arise from an act or omission of that volunteer while providing services within the scope of the volunteer's responsibilities if the volunteer's act or omission does not constitute willful or wanton misconduct.

Ohio Responds Limited Liability Protection