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New Practitioner Experience News Winter 2024

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OPA New Practitioner Experience (NPX) Committee Launchpad

                        Winter 2024

Welcome to the NPX Launchpad

Welcome to the Winter 2024 edition of the NPX Launchpad, the quarterly newsletter intended to help you, a new practitioner, excel personally and professionally!

Check out our featured articles:

  • Benefits of Being a Pharmacist Preceptor
  • FRAIL-AF Trial Article
  • Egrifta administration in a patient living with HIV
  • Cookie Corner: Buying the Milk Powder Is Worth It
  • White Lily Cheddar Bacon Biscuits
  • News & Upcoming Events

We hope you enjoy the NPX Launchpad and we invite each of you to take the next step in your professional growth by getting involved with NPX today!

Sincerely, your NPX Advisory Team,

Chair: Megan (Stephan) Hull, R.Ph., PharmD, BCACP
Vice-Chair: Jennifer Wick, R.Ph., PharmD, MPH, BCACP
Member-at-Large: Korie Maryo, R.Ph., PharmD
Member-at-Large:  Eric Dierkes, R.Ph., PharmD
Member-at-Large: Regann Rutschilling R.Ph., PharmD
Launchpad Coordinator: Rebecca Lahrman, R.Ph., PharmD, MS, BCACP

Benefits of Being a Pharmacist Preceptor

A preceptor is, by definition, a teacher, one who is an experienced pharmacist (or other healthcare provider). A preceptor provides supervision and instruction during clinical practice and facilitates applying clinical knowledge and skills to practice. Preceptors work with learners, like student pharmacists or pharmacy residents, to help them gain the competencies they need to provide safe, effective, and legal patient care. Preceptors help learners meet learning objectives by setting expectations and providing feedback on their performance.1

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FRAIL-AF Trial Article

My name is Stuart Dowling, and I am a first-year community pharmacy resident here at Holzer Health System. Originally born and raised in Georgia, I completed my pharmacy education at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) in Suwanee, GA in 2022. My career passions always resided in ambulatory care which is why I chose Holzer Health System’s community-based program. Holzer Health System is a community health system with two campuses and multiple clinics in the Southeastern Ohio area. In the outpatient clinics I mainly work at, I educate patients on their medications and give recommendations to their providers on how to better optimize their chronic disease management. As part of the program, I am required to do multiple presentations which include disease state overviews to medical residents or on recently approved medications to the clinical pharmacist team. One such presentation was a journal club on the FRAIL-AF trial that I will summarize for you.

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 Egrifta administration in a patient living with HIV 

Due to the nature of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and side effects of antiretroviral treatments (ART) used to treat HIV, many patients experience what is known as lipohypertrophy, or excess visceral fat in the abdominal area. The exact mechanism of lipohypertrophy in patients living with HIV is unknown, and few treatments exist to assist patients in getting rid of this excess abdominal fat. One of the treatments that does exist is EGRIFTA SV® (tesamorelin for injection), an injectable growth hormone-releasing factor (GHRF) analog used for the reduction of excess abdominal fat in patients living with HIV. This drug is complicated, to say the least. It requires a special ordering mechanism, must be dispensed through a specialty pharmacy, has a prior authorization process, and has a complex administration mechanism - a nightmare for pharmacists and patients alike.

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Cookie Corner: Buying the Milk Powder Is Worth It

There are endless chocolate chip cookies recipes to choose from and after making these from the Milk Bar entrepreneur Christina Tosi, I don't think I’ll look for another. I love that if I forget to set the butter out, or have a sudden need for a batch of cookies then this is the perfect shortcut since you do not need room temperature butter. She has an excellent episode on Chef Show that helps to highlight the magic she created and how to make the best bake sale cookies.   

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White Lily Cheddar Bacon Biscuits

I got this recipe from White Lily’s instagram and have modified it a bit since I never keep self-rising flour on hand and am too lazy to re-roll dough.

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News & Upcoming Events:

2024 Annual Conference and Trade show: April 5-7, 2024

Pharmacists must interact with other healthcare professionals on One Team, with One Voice and One Vision to improve patient outcomes. The 2024 OPA Annual Conference is a great opportunity for pharmacists and student pharmacists to update their knowledge and resources to help them achieve professional satisfaction.

OPA Annual Conference & Trade Show 2024 registration is open!

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