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September 19 - November 19: Independent Pharmacy Expo Virtual 2021


Independent Pharmacy ExpoThe Independent Pharmacy Expo is a must-attend event for pharmacy owners, prospective owners, pharmacists and others who have an interest in community pharmacy practice. You will learn from nationally-recognized speakers, exhibitors with products and services to meet your pharmacy’s needs, and your peers already in the practice. You can earn up to 8 hours of Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) credit with practical, applicable information selected for independent pharmacists.  

Sunday, September 19, 2021  Streamed Education and Expo
September 19-November 19, 2021  On-Demand Education and Expo

Independent Pharmacy Expo


CPE Topics:

  • Enhanced Revenue Sources ... Are you ready? Then reset and go!
  • What Provider Status Means to Your Pharmacy
  • Clinical Networks: What They Mean to Your Business
  • Entrepreneurship: How to Turn a Great Idea into a Successful Business
  • Demystifying DIR, GER, BER, and DFER
  • Pharmacy Ownership: Perspectives from the New Generation
  • Financing Your Pharmacy Future

NOTE: This program only qualifies for home-study continuing pharmacy education credit (CPE).

 Independent Pharmacy Expo Brochure

2021 OPA Independent Pharmacy Expo Virtual Attendee Guide

2021 Independent Pharmacy Expo Learning Objectives

Why participate in the Independent Pharmacy Expo?

  1. Learn about Ohio's experience implementing Provider Status for pharmacists and other new opportunities in the profession.
  2. Discover what current and new vendors can offer the independent pharmacist.
  3. Connect with other professionals who also have a passion to serve their community and patients as independent pharmacists.
  4. Earn CPE, specialized for independent practitioners.
  5. This event is available streamed on September 19 and on-demand for two months
  6. Attend from anywhere and when it suits your schedule!

Registration is open!

Who will be there?
New and seasoned independent pharmacists, established professionals interested in becoming pharmacy owners or in expanding their practice, key decision makers, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. 


Registrant Type 9/9/2021 9/16/2021 After 9/16/2021
Pharmacist Member - OPA or Other State Pharmacy Association $179 $219 $249
Pharmacist Non-member $289 $329 $359
Student Pharmacist OPA member $30 $30 $30
Student Pharmacist Non-member with OPA membership thru 10/31/21 $55 $55 $60
Pharmacy Technician or
Non-pharmacist Attendee
$75 $85 $95


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Sunday, September 19: Expo StreamIng Schedule
7:55 am EDT         Welcome and Reminders
8:00 am EDT         Enhanced Revenue Sources... Are you ready? Then reset and go!
9:00 am EDT         What Provider Status Means to Your Pharmacy 
10:40 am EDT       Clinical Networks: What They Mean to Your Business
11:40 am EDT       Break with Virtual Expo Hall Experience
12:50 pm EDT       Entrepreneurship: How to Turn a Great Idea into a Successful Business
Who are the panelists? Find out below!

2:20 pm EDT         Break (prize drawing winners announced at 2:20 pm)
2:30 pm EDT         Demystifying DIR, GER, BER and DFER
3:30 pm EDT         Pharmacy Ownership - Perspectives from the New Generation
4:40 pm  EDT        Financing Your Pharmacy Future 
5:40 pm EDT         Streaming Adjournment

Expo Vendors

First Financial Bank
Micro Merchant Systems
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company
Storey Marketing

Expo Sponsors


American Pharmacy Services Corporation
Capital Wholesale Drug Co.
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company
American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc.
Cardinal Health
VMC Pharmacy Program & Buying Group

Attendee Testimonial

Exhibitors and Sponsors: For exhibit registration and sponsor information, click HERE.

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