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January 2021 OPA Extern Profile: Avery Meadows

Name: Avery MeadowsAvery Meadows                                                             


Pharmacy School: Ohio Northern University

Undergraduate degree/institution: PharmD Candidate, Ohio Northern University

Rotation Month at OPA: January

How did you get interested in the profession of pharmacy?
I wanted to be in the medical field as a direct provider for patients. I also love the multiple career options that come with being a pharmacist. I also have a cousin that is a pharmacist, so having that exposure definitely helped in guiding me to become a pharmacist.

Why did you choose OPA as a rotation site?
I love advocacy and leadership, first and foremost. I have participated in 2 different independent research projects around these topics where I have had posters presented at OPA Research Colloquium for both. I’ve also participated in Student Legislative Day twice where I’ve had a great experience learning about what’s going on in the state in terms of the current landscape for the profession of pharmacy, so getting the opportunity to have a rotation with OPA and see all the inner-workings of what they do day in and day out was something I really wanted to do.

What was the most significant or surprising experience at OPA?
The most significant project(s) that I had during my rotation would be writing articles for the February journal. Being given the opportunity to write about something important for the profession like how to handle vaccine hesitancy, the relationship between COVID and diabetes, or even something small like a PSA about Zostavax no longer being on the market was a great experience. It puts things in a different perspective when you’re writing an article that is going to be sent out to all pharmacists who are members of OPA. It really makes you think about things differently and forces you to write in a more professional way, but at the same time make it engaging enough to keep people interested. Writing these articles was definitely my favorite project during the month.

Why I think it’s important to maintain my OPA membership after graduation.
I think it’s important to stay active and maintain membership with OPA as a practicing pharmacist because that is when the work of OPA truly benefits you. As a student, you’re not worried about reimbursement, expanding your scope of practice, and other things like that. When you begin practicing, that is when you realize the importance of things like that. It is also harder to stay in the loop with current events and legislation when you don’t have professors emailing you about them, so subscribing to the OPA newsletter and emails is a great way to always know what things are in the works. This will help you practice at the top of your profession and stay up to date. Another reason it’s important is because if you’re not actively participating in the advocacy and advancement of your own profession, then who will and why is there an incentive for other people to do it for you? The future of the practice depends on our own involvement in its development.

What other pharmacy associations/organizations do you belong to?
I am currently a member of APhA, and as a student on campus I was a member of SNPhA for a couple years.

I love playing sports and video games when I’m not hanging out with family and my girlfriend. I play pickup basketball pretty frequently at a church in my town. I try to stay active by running (when it’s warmer out) and working out at home.


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