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OPA Immunization

Immunization Protocols, Rules and Documentation Package

Note: The OPA Immunization Protocol Package has been updated as of August 28, 2019 to include the new ACIP recommendations for the 2019-20 influenza season.

OPA has developed a package of information necessary for trained pharmacists and pharmacy interns to administer immunizations. This package includes the following:

  1. Draft protocols and administration records for each of the vaccines in the recommended immunization schedules for persons seven years of age and older. influenza documents updated August 2019; HPV protocol updated August 2019; all others updated May 2019)
  2. Summary of recommendations for adult immunization (Age 19 years and older)
  3. Summary of recommendations for child/teen immunization (age birth through 18 years)

Immunization Protocol Package Rates
OPA Member:  $40
Non-member:  $90

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Protocol Package for Travel and Rabies Vaccines

OPA has created a new protocol package which includes draft protocols and administration records for travel and rabies vaccines.  The package includes protocols for pharmacist and pharmacy intern administration of cholera, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, yellow fever and rabies vaccines.

Travel and Rabies Protocol Package Rates
OPA Member:  $25
Non-member:  $50

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