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Prior OPA APPE Student Rotation Profiles

The following links lead to profiles submitted by prior students on APPE rotations. Each profile explains how the student pharmacists became interested in pharmacy and why they chose OPA as a rotation site.

November 2013 Lauren Hunt

November 2013 Courtney Hamilton

October 2013 Courtney Johnson

October 2013 Dhaval Shah

September 2013 Matt Alexander

September 2013 Kahle Rummer

April 2013 Allison Rider

March 2013 Marissa Henning

March 2013 Josh Ilenin

February 2013 Sarah Vandevender

February 2013 Andrea Fralick

November 2012 Laura Whinnery

November 2012 Minh-Duc Vu

September 2012 Kelly Pottkotter

September 2012 Katie Hummel

May 2012 Priyam Mithawala

April 2012 Brittany Schmidt

March 2012 Lisa Berni

March 2012 Larecia Knoerzer

February 2012 Tyler Copp

January 2012 Krystalyn Weaver

January 2012 Aimee Wallace

November 2011 Stephanie Kleyman

November 2011 Eric Gillespie

October/November 2011 Phillip Anderson

October 2011 Mara Weber

September 2011 Thao Pham

April 2011 David Kramp

March 2011 Nathan Evanoski

March 2011 Veronica Ciaccia

February 2011 Anthony Menches

January 2011 Kevin Mast

January 2011 Elaine Boateng

November 2010 Jordan Counts

October 2010 Todd Sega

September 2010 Anna Gehres

September 2010 Jennifer Remot

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